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What is “Ask Dennis”?


One of the aspects of being in the E&L business that I have always enjoyed is having an open dialogue with other practioneers of this art and science.  Although incremental progress is made on a local scale via individual effort and insight, breakout progress on an industry scale can only be made by the collaborative efforts of experts, across organizations, across disciplines and across interests.   As the key to such collaboration is communication, opportunities to “get together and talk shop” should be surfaced, supported and encouraged by any means possible.


 Often, communication starts with a question.  A good question represents an opportunity for reflection, for debate, for introspection, for insight, for inspiration and for progress.  People frequently ask me where the ideas for my publications come from.  Well, the simple truth is they come from questions.   When one hears the same question often enough, or when the question is intriguing or usual or “thought-provoking”, then the question requires an answer and is the catalyst for a dialogue.


With this in mind, I always imagined that Triad as an organization would provide a means of us keeping in touch.  The only question was how to accomplish this.  This is where “Ask Dennis” comes in.  “Ask Dennis” is exactly that, an opportunity to ask me a general question.  Now let’s be clear; “Ask Dennis” is not the means for asking definitive advice on specific situations or to address specific circumstances as there is a more appropriate means of securing that kind of service.  Rather, “Ask Dennis” is a means for getting an opinion on topics of general interest to practioneers in the field.  For example, a question such as “Dennis, this is my drug product formulation, what would you recommend I use as a simulating solvent and how could I justify your recommendation?” is not appropriate for “Ask Dennis” (but I would be glad to talk to you via another means).   On the other hand, a more general question addressing the more general topic, such as “How does one establish and justify the pH of a simulating solvent?” is an appropriate submission to “Ask Dennis”.


 Asking Dennis is accomplished by clicking on the appropriately labelled buttons, which opens the submission forms.  Although submitters have the option to have their questions posted and answered anonymously, I will only take questions or comments from submitters who identify themselves to a minimum extent.  In addition to providing the question or the comment, I ask submitters to provide enough context so that the motivation or reason for the question can be understood.  


 “Ask Dennis” questions are addressed at my discretion; thus, submitting a question or contribution is not a guarantee that the question will be answered or the contribution will be posted.  If I decide not to answer a question or to post a comment, then I will provide the submitter, in confidence, an acknowledgement of this circumstance and a reason for my action.


Practically speaking, the frequency with which “Ask Dennis” is updated depends on the frequency with which appropriate submissions are received and my ability to provide an appropriate response.  I will maintain an archive of all “Ask Dennis” items which have been posted on the Triad website.


 Until then,


What’s on your mind?

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