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What’s behind the Triad?


When I first introduced the concept of the Triad in chemical safety assessment (extractables and leachables), it was to point out that chemical assessment is not a single action, but rather the combination of three actions [material characterization and selection, system qualification (extractables) and product qualification (leachables)].  When these actions are performed to their proper extent and in their proper order, they produce the necessary body of  chemical assessment knowledge when that knowledge is needed and most relevant with the minimum investment. 


When I envisioned the business that Triad was to become, I began to see all sorts of relationships, also in multiples of three.  For example, it seemed to me that an effective E&L partnership is based on three participants; the client, a provider of analytical services (the CRO), and an expert who translates the needs of the client into actions for the CRO and then translates the data produced by the CRO to informational output required by the client.  What do you know, another Triad!  Furthermore, as I thought about the recipe for success, it became clear to me that the right recipe was that good science, practically applied, provides effective and efficient solutions to complex and challenging issues.  Another Triad and a mission and vision is born!   In fact, as I thought through other aspects of the science and business of suitability for use assessment, I could see more and more situations where the juxtaposition of good science and good business could be effectively communicated and understood in the context of the three aspects or dimensions of a Triad. 


Thus, the Triad became more than a just symbol or logo; it became the operational model for the organization that I was looking to create.  To me the Triad is not just a symbol to promote easy recognition (although if it is good at that then that is OK), it is the essence of the organization that bears its name.      


  1. D. Jenke.  A general strategy for the chemical aspects of the safety assessment of extractables and leachables in pharmaceutical drug products; The chemical assessment triad.  PDA J Pharm Sci Technol.  66(2): 168-183 (2012).

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