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TRIAD 2024

January, 2024​


​I opened my mail the other day and found one of those calendars one gets for supporting various charitable organizations.  Seeing the date (2024) made me pause and think “where has all that time gone?”


Seven years ago, I started Triad Scientific Solutions LLC Solutions to pursue “other professional opportunities” upon my retirement from Baxter Healthcare Corporation.  Triad was launched to “provide the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and related industries with integrated, science-based, and practical solutions to suitability for use challenges for packaging, manufacturing components and systems, and administration devices, to support clients in their efforts to secure regulatory approval for pharmaceutical drug products and medical devices, and to afford me the means to remain active in setting standards and best practices for extractables and leachables.


After seven years, I find myself considering the question “Has Triad been a success?”.  I guess it depends on the unit of measure.  Since 2024 finds Triad as an ongoing concern, I suppose it is a success from the commercial perspective.  As I still (for better or worst) actively publish and support national and international efforts to develop and standardize E&L practice, I suppose Triad has been a success in terms of “keeping me in the game”. 


But what about the fulfilling the mission of providing “solutions to challenges”? Let’s be honest, in this game you win some and you lose some.  Often enough, clients share with the me good news concerning the ultimate outcome of our collaborations, such as “We are off hold and couldn't have received better news … An inordinate amount of  hard work, grit, and ingenuity has led to this moment”.  My personal favorites include:


  • I would be lucky indeed to have the good fortune of working with you all in the future.

  • You saved the day!

  • Dennis, I have to say I am impressed. You are a brilliant man.

  • Your testimony was frequently cited in the Judge’s decision.


Yes, everybody loves to celebrate their wins.  But what about the “you lose some” from above? Well, there have been times where the path to success was a little longer and more stressful than one would have liked.  There have been collaborations that started with bad news like “I can’t do anything with what you currently have and the only path forward is to do it right the second time”.  There have been studies that looked so good on paper that produced results that surprised everyone (and not necessarily in a good way), including the expert who was hired to make sure these kinds of things did not happen.  There have been submissions that seemed so solid when they were submitted but which came back with feedback that can only be described as “disappointing, unexpected, and illogical” (as if any of that really matters).   There have been the “Hail Mary” attempts that have fallen to the turf uncaught. However, I cannot think of a single collaboration that has ended (eventually) in a failure to achieve the desired objective because “Dennis, you screwed up and led us down the wrong path”.


In the final analysis, it has been a humbling seven years.  I recognize that the successes were never a one man show and that I owe a debt of gratitude to those have walked alongside me, helping to carry the load and often pointing the way.  I want to thank the growing number of past and current clients who have come to me with their issues, challenged me with their projects, and trusted me with their products and I celebrate the successes that we have had.  I apologize that there is not always an easy and obvious answer and that the solution is not always simple but I note that there has always been, and there will always be, a path forward.  Moreover, I thank those many professionals, talented, hard-working, and proud, who have labored with me (even if they were “on the other side”) to ensure that safe and effective drugs and medical devices are readily available to patients in need.


To my friends, colleagues and all who continue to selflessly give their time and talent in service to our profession and in the pursuit of “the greater good”, I wish you boundless energy, uncommon insight, the wisdom of Solomon, an infinite budget, a thick skin, and continued success.


Lastly, I look forward to new collaborations and working with new partners to achieve the worthy goal of sustaining and saving lives.  To potential future clients I would say that “help is only a phone call away”, although to be perfectly honest I answer e-mails much more quickly than I answer the phone.  If you seek a partner whose commitment to the patient is as strong as your own, who sees “good science practically applied” as two sides of the same coin, who understands that “your emergency is my emergency”, and who believes that collaboration and mutual respect is always the surest path to success, then I do hope you will contact me.


With humility, regards, respect, and gratitude and yours in science and in practice,


Dennis Jenke


Chief Executive Scientist

Triad Scientific Solutions, LLC

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