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Triad Scientific Solutions, LLC is a consultant-based technical service organization that provides the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and related industries with integrated, science-based, and practical solutions to suitability for use challenges for packaging, manufacturing components and systems, and devices. 


Triad simplifies and optimizes the complex and extensive process of suitability for use assessment via the practical application of the necessary good science, both in terms of principles and practices.  Based on its long experience with, and broad understanding, of the scientific and practical aspects of suitability for use assessment, Triad helps sponsors, suppliers, vendors, CROs and consultants to devise and implement the right studies at the right time, to produce and assess the right information, to generate the right assessment, and to communicate and defend those studies, information and assessments properly and effectively. 


In so doing, Triad helps its partners manage both the science and the budget, recognizing that while it is essential to produce products that are suited for their intended use, it is also necessary to produce such products at the lowest possible cost, as so doing insures that the greatest benefit is realized.


Specifically, Triad is positioned to be your valued partner, trusted advisor and preferred provider for the following services related to suitability for use assessment


  • design (and justification thereof), implementation, data review and interpretation, and reporting of experimental studies involving:

    • material, component or system characterization and selection,

    • product/material compatibility (drug binding and degradation),

    • system qualification (extractables),

    • product qualification (leachables.

  • technical and quality review of facilities, processes, practices and personnel.

  • capability and capacity review and assessment.

  • general, focused or customized technical training

  • advocacy and representation for clients during product design, development, registration, commercialization, and marketing.

  • strategic planning of company policies and procedures.

  • vendor qualification and management.

  • analytical method development, optimization, validation and remediation.

  • problem identification, investigation, troubleshooting, resolution and prevention

  • technical writing in preparation of manuscripts, technical documents and submission files or dossiers.

  • wild card opportunities (until you describe the opportunity, how can we know for sure whether we can help or not?)


The above services can be provided to support products throughout their life cycle, including development, registration, commercialization and time in market (change control and product retirement).


While Triad is not an analytical testing laboratory, it can advise clients in terms of identifying, selecting and managing CROs which share Triad’s passion for good science, practically applied.  Although Triad may not possess all the answers in all the circumstances, it can leverage its extensive network of both chemistry and toxicology experts to ensure that clients have access to highly and appropriately qualified expert partners.


For a more detailed discussion of Triad’s services, please click on the “Introducing Triad” button elsewhere on the Triad homepage.

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