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Good day and thank you for your interest in Triad Scientific Solutions.  In another place on this page I introduced you to Triad the organization; here I want to introduce you to the spirit or essence of Triad as reflected in its founder and Chief Executive Scientist.


If you have spent time in the material/product compatibility (E&L) world, then it is possible that an introduction is unnecessary as perhaps you’ve read one of my publications, attended one of my presentations, asked me a question or two or worked with one of the many recommendations or standards that I helped to create.  If you are newer to the field or are curious for details, then I draw your attention to my Profile and Publication List, which can be accessed elsewhere on the Triad homepage.  Additionally, I encourage you to talk to other experts in the field, consultants, CROs, members of standard’s setting organizations, and company representatives, to gain their perspective on my contributions to the field.  Lastly, you might have noticed the “wall of picture” on the home page, which represents, in a picture format, a personal history of distinguished accomplishment in the pharmaceutical industry.


Of course, you have my contact information; I am, and always have been, available for a chat, whether it be pure science or practical strategies and tactics.  After your investigation is complete, I think you will conclude that my credentials are solid and that my contributions to the field are numerous and substantial.


Having established my professional credentials, I wanted to go beyond the science and behind the accomplishments and reputation and talk a little about the personality of Triad and its CES.  In so doing I wanted to address three concepts; principles, passion and excellence.  


Considering principles, I have been and always will be a scientist at heart.  It is not an accident that my title at Triad (Chief Executive Scientist) reflects this.  However, while I have great respect and admiration for science, I am neither defined nor awed by science.  Good science is not a purpose unto itself, good science is a means of achieving the greater purpose, which is obtaining the greatest patient benefit.  While I firmly belief in good science’s ability to provide an answer, I do not believe that good science alone necessarily provides the right answer.  Nevertheless, the right answer always respects, and does not reject, good science.  I recognize good science as an enabler of practical solutions, not as an impediment to practical solutions.   I understand that good science, practically applied, is on the same side, and not the opposite side, of the coin with proper patient stewardship.  I understand that good science has its right and proper place somewhere between the extremes of pure science and voodoo science.   While I believe that good science can be instinctive, instinct must be based on and supported by the thoughtful, systematic and rigorous analysis of sound, relevant and sufficient data.  


Furthermore, I do not believe in actions with no purpose and in purposes that are not supported with prudent, practical and justifiable actions.  While I believe that nothing in life is free, I believe that there is a fair and proper price for everything.


You can be darn sure that any organization that I am associated with shares these same beliefs.   


Considering passion, when people contemplate career options they are often advised to “do what you love, and you'll never work another day in your life”.  From personal experience, I would also add “do that which you are good at and you’ll never have to search for fulfillment”.   Both of these concepts are applicable to E&L and me; I have been fortunate enough to discover and be part of that particular field of science that I have a passion for, an understanding of, and a talent in.  In many ways, my place in the E&L world is an example of the right need, the right person, the right time and the right place.


Moreover, my passion and capabilities have given me the opportunity to share in the mission of enhancing, sustaining and saving lives; surely, there can be no more noble or meaningful vocation than that. 


Considering excellence, a dedication to excellence has been the foundation of my professional life.  Although you may not know this, E&L actually represents the third phase of my scientific career.  As a graduate student and a young Ph.D. I was on the ground floor of the development and commercialization of ion chromatography, contributing to and publishing extensively on the theory and practice of what is now a widely used and mature analytical technique.  Somewhat later in my industrial career, I became a well-published and extensively quoted expert on analytical method development and validation.  Ultimately, when the need arose to “put some resources into this E&L thing”, I started the journey which, for over twenty years, has provided me with a challenge, a focus and a vocation.  Excellence is not a result of that vocation; rather it is the consistent and unwavering foundation of that vocation.


This is who I am and at its core is what Triad is all about.


Thank you again for your interest in Triad and please, let’s keep in touch!        

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