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Dr. Dennis Jenke explains the nature of his role as a Nelson Labs Principal Consultant.


The ongoing collaboration between Nelson Labs Europe NV and myself, as the Chief Executive Scientist for Triad Scientific Solutions, provides the means by which both organizations can leverage their considerable skills, knowledge, insights and capabilities to further develop, optimize and enhance the theory and practice of material/product compatibility assessment.  By working closely together, both Nelson Labs Europe and Triad will be able to serve their clients, our industry and good science in ways and with an intensity and urgency that would not be possible independently.


Although the collaboration defines the means by which our two premier organizations will move forward together, it is important to understand that both organizations will continue to pursue technical and business opportunities independently, consistent with the capabilities each organization possesses, the opportunities each organization encounters, the clients each organization serves, and the mission each organization pursues.    Speaking for Triad specifically, there will be opportunities that are best addressed collaboratively with Nelson Labs Europe and there will be challenges that can more effectively be met independently.  This collaboration gives both Nelson Labs Europe and Triad more options and greater flexibility to define and pursue the best course forward to solve their client’s problems and address their client’s needs.

If you have any questions as to how you, your organization and Triad can work together to address your needs and challenges, please contact me at your convenience and we will establish our proper path forward.



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