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Statement of Purpose and Objectives



Dr. Dennis Jenke continues to serve as Nelson Labs Europe Principal Consultant for its Extractables  &  Leachables Services.



In 2019, Nelson Labs Europe announced the appointment of Dr. Dennis Jenke, Chief Executive Scientist of Triad Scientific Solutions LLC, as a Nelson Labs Europe Principal Consultant, supporting its world class extractable & leachable franchise.  This ongoing appointment continues to be a substantial aspect of Nelson Lab’s world class extractables and leachables service which is based on the highest level of technical expertise and good science and is designed to assist pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical device and related organizations by providing essential support for their product qualification, registration and maintenance efforts.


This close collaboration allows Nelson Labs Europe to align the substantial scientific insights Dr. Dennis Jenke has gained in his long and distinguished career with the cutting-edge, science-based and state-of the-art technology Nelson Labs Europe has developed to provide its clients with justifiable, compliant, and practical E/L-testing support. The support that Dr. Jenke provides to Nelson Labs Europe in his continuing role as a Principal Consultant includes developing and optimizing study protocols for a wide range of applications, providing technical guidance to Nelson Labs Europe’s R&D programs and supporting Nelson Labs’s clients when further expert advice or consultancy is desirable.


This collaboration enables Nelson Labs Europe’s mission to further develop its comprehensive, outstanding and world class service in extractable & leachables testing, supporting the pharmaceutical and medical device industries in their efforts to qualify, register and support their primary packaging, manufacturing systems or medical devices from an extractable/leachable or material characterization perspective.


Dennis Jenke: “Independently, the names Dennis Jenke and Nelson Labs Europe are synonymous with a passion for, a dedication to, and the pursuit of good science, which, when practically applied, facilitates the development, qualification, registration and commercial support of pharmaceutical packaging, manufacturing components and systems and medical devices.   This close collaboration between Nelson Labs Europe and myself provides us with the opportunity to leverage our similar and different experiences, expertise and skill sets in establishing procedures, protocols, processes and practices that further serve our clients and our industry.  It is both a personal privilege and a honor to be so closely associated with an organization whose well-known and long-standing dedication to good science has had such a positive impact on both its clients in particular and on the field of extractables and leachables in general.”



Piet Christiaens, Scientific Director, Nelson Labs Europe: “I am absolutely thrilled about this ongoing collaboration with Dennis and remaining able to tap into his world-class expertise on extractables & leachables, and this on a daily basis. This intense collaboration continues to spark innovation through the additional support Dennis gives in steering Nelson Labs’s R&D programmes. Without any doubt, this will ultimately result in a new facet of unparalleled services, to address the ever-increasing challenges the pharmaceutical industry is facing today in container/closure, manufacturing systems and medical device qualifications.”



About Dr. Dennis Jenke, Chief Executive Scientist, Triad Scientific Solutions:


​Dennis Jenke is the Chief Executive Scientist for Triad Scientific Solutions, a provider of science-based solutions to plastic/product compatibility challenges associated with packaging, manufacturing equipment and delivery devices in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and related industries.  Dr. Jenke was a Distinguished Scientist at Baxter Healthcare Corporation where for more than three decades his primary responsibility included the assessment of material/product compatibility, specifically with respect to establishing the suitability for use of packaging systems, manufacturing systems and administration devices for pharmaceutical products (for example, extractables and leachables and product ingredient binding). He has published extensively in the areas of analytical chemistry, environmental science, material/solutioncompatibility andextractables and leachables and serves as an expert reviewer for numerous pharmaceutical and analytical journals. Dr. Jenke is a member of numerous industry groups (USP, PQRI, AMMI/ISO, ELSIE) whose charter is to establish standards and best demonstrated practices in the area of material/product compatibility.



Triad Scientific Solutions LLP

Hawthorn Woods, IL 60047– USA                                                               




About Nelson Labs Europe NV:


​Nelson Labs Europe is an independent, privately owned Contract Research Organisation, specialized in providing premium Extractable & Leachable Services to the Pharmaceutical Industry. Based in Belgium, Nelson Labs Europe supports Pharma Companies - across the Globe - in developing worldwide compliant (FDA, EMA) Testing Strategies to qualify Container/Closure Applications and Pharmaceutical Production Equipment from an Extractable & Leachable Perspective. In addition, the Nelson Labs group also provides Biocompatibility Testing Services (In-Vivo and In-Vitro testing), Microbiology Services and Impurity Identification Services to both the Medical Device and the Pharmaceutical Industries.

Nelson Labs Europe NV

Romeinsestraat 12 – B-3001

Leuven, Belgium


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